Xamarin on Android: Bypass SSL Verification With HttpClient

To disable SSL verification while making HTTP calls with System.Net.Http.HttpClient in a Xamarin app on Android, you need to supply a SSLSocketFactory and a custom implementation of HostnameVerifier with all checks disabled. To do this, you’ll need to  subclass AndroidClientHandler and override the appropriate methods.

Without further ado, here’s the code:

internal class BypassHostnameVerifier : Java.Lang.Object, IHostnameVerifier
    public bool Verify(string hostname, ISSLSession session)
        return true;

internal class BypassSslValidationClientHandler : AndroidClientHandler
    protected override SSLSocketFactory ConfigureCustomSSLSocketFactory(HttpsURLConnection connection)
        return SSLCertificateSocketFactory.GetInsecure(1000, null);

    protected override IHostnameVerifier GetSSLHostnameVerifier(HttpsURLConnection connection)
        return new BypassHostnameVerifier();

Then use the BypassSslValidationClientHandler with your HttpClient:

var handler = new BypassSslValidationClientHandler();
var httpClient = new System.Net.Http.HttpClient(handler);
var html = await httpClient.GetStringAsync("");

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