Helpful JavaScript Methods for the Telerik Grid for ASP.NET MVC

The Telerik MVC Grid is quite a cool component. Nevertheless, some client-side API functions are desperately missing. For example, you cannot select or deselect rows by code. Also, there’s no way to do client-side-filtering (i.e. hide rows based on values withoud re-populating the whole grid). So here is a set of some functions that were helpful to me – suite yourselves…Read More »

Handle Clicks On Calendar Items In SharePoint 2010 With JavaScript

In some scenarios, you might want to add extended client behavior to a Calendar View in SharePoint 2010. The client-side API of the Calendar View ist not of a great help in every case here. especially, it does not provide an event or hook to catch clicks on calendar items. 

Fortunately, JavaScript itself is powerful enough to allow us injecting such hooks by ourselves. The trick is just to override the API function SP.UI.ApplicationPages.CalendarContainerFactory.create. We just need to wait until the calendar API is loaded and call a function provided by us:Read More »