C#: Getting Installer Product Data From Hosted Web PI GUI

The previous post explained how to get event notification from a running WPI installer instance. This post will describe how to get information about the products being installed by WPI and about the installation status itself. Continue reading

C#: Getting Feedback From Hosted Web PI GUI

The previous post explained how to host the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (WPI) in an own Windows Forms application. It’s nice that we can do that, but it only really makes sense when you need to perform special actions depending on the parameters determined by WPI during installation. Continue reading

C#: Hosting Web PI GUI In Own Application

The Microsoft Web Platform Installer (WPI) is a very cool tool for installing frameworks, programs and web application. It automatically resolves installs dependencies, which makes it my top choice for deploying my own applications.

In some cased, I need to install multiple applications and update their local configuration to contain data of other applications (e.g., the web site URL of one application gets written to the web.config of another application). The installer application internally uses WPI to perform the dependency resolving and the actual installation. The installer application itself performs the cross-application configuration and installs other components not installable via WPI.

This post shows how to integrate WPI’s GUI into a custom application. Continue reading